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“Goodbye Broadway Hello France” is a song composed by Billy Baskette in 1917, with lyrics written by C. Francis Reisner and Benny Davis. The original song was performed by The American Quartet and reached number 1 on the top 100 songs of 1917, and inspired “Goodbye France”, a song about soldiers leaving France and returning to the United States. The song was meant to lift the nation’s spirit and fight off the worry by promoting the American war effort in Europe.

"Good bye Broadway Hello France"


Lyrics: C. Francis Reisner Benny Davis

Music: Billy Baskette

Goodbye New York town, goodbye Miss Liberty,
Your light of freedom will guide us across the sea,
Every soldier's sweetheart bidding goodbye,
Every soldier's mother drying her eye.
Cheer up we'll soon be there,
Singing this Yankee air:

Goodbye Broadway, Hello France,
We're ten million strong,
Goodbye sweethearts, wives and mothers,
It won't take us long.
Don't you worry while we're there,
It's for you we're fighting too,
So Goodbye Broadway, Hello France,
We're going to square our debt to you.

'Vive Pershing' is the cry across the sea.
We're united in this fight for liberty.
France sent us a soldier, brave Lafayette
Whose great deeds and fame we cannot forget.
Now that we have the chance,
We'll pay our debt to France.