Charles Peguy

(07/01/1873 – 05/09/1914)


Poet and thinker committed to his time, Charles Peguy is one of the major writers of the twentieth century. Yet his intellectual heritage is often unknown today.

On August 1914 he was a Reserve Lieutenant in the 19th Company of the 276th Infantry Regiment. He was killed at the front during the fighting of the Battle of the Ourcq on the eve of the First Battle of the Marne, on September 5th 1914 between Penchard and Villeroy, near Meaux, when he exhorted his company not to give an inch of ground to the enemy.

Charles Peguy is a rather mystical author and opposed to modernism who published essays (Note M Bergson and Bergsonian Philosophy, 1914), poetry (Eve, 1913), lyrics (the Mystery of the Charity of Joan of arc, 1910), correspondence (letters and interviews, 1927, posthumous).