1. The entry into war of the United-States (exhibition from May 8th to July 30th 2017) 


As early as August 1914, the United States wanted to remain neutral concerning the European conflict and the Americans were fiercely opposed to an entry into war.

From 1914 to 1917, the United States prospered. They even lent $ 2 billion to the French and the British.

But a series of events will lead inexorably to the declaration of war. First, several American ships were sunk by the Germans in the Atlantic. US President Woodrow Wilson wants a US intervention to defend the democracy of France, a country of human rights and freedom, but the US Congress doesn’t agree.

However, the interception by the British secret services of a German telegram intended for Mexicans will ignite the conflict. Indeed Germany proposes to the Mexicans to give them the states of Texas and Arizona in case of German victory. President Wilson succeeded then in persuading the US Congress to vote the entry into war against Germany on 6 April 1917.

The United States thus joined the British Empire, from Canada to Australia, France and its colonies, Russia, Italy, Belgium, Serbia, Greece, Portugal and Japan in their fight against Germany and its allies.


War becomes global!

2. The children during the Great War (exhibition for August to November 11th 2017)