Belleau Museum Exhibitions:



 First exhibition from April 19th to September 17th 2018:


June 1917 American troops arrive at Saint-Nazaire; beginning of 1918, they will be 150 000 soldiers and more than 2 million in October 1918.

The American Expeditionary Force (AEF) under the command of General Pershing will be trained by the French in different bases in Lorraine.

The Americans will build a whole railways network linking the different bases. They will build factories for storing food, ammunition, oil depots, refrigeration stores, etc.

France will provide heavy weapons: more than 200 tanks, 3000 guns and thousands of aircraft.

Fighting will take place in 1918.

This temporary exhibition will make you discover the importance of this American commitment in France in 1918 with a summary of the fighting and the lighting of some soldiers.


2. Second temporary exhibition from September 21st to November 11th:


"Exhibition of paintings by painter Julien Massé 

Discover these beautiful paintings about the villages of the South of the Aisne during the Great War..

Our museum will open again on May 8th for the season 2019.

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