The Village of Belleau

During the days leading up to its recapture, 90% of the village was destroyed by American shells designed to drive out the Germans who had sought shelter there.


The population went away before the battle. When they returned, their whole village was unrecognizable  and laid in ruins.


The church of Belleau 

The first church of Belleau was built between the 12th and the 15th centuries.

During the 1st World War it was completely demolished because the Germans used it as an observation post and a firing position for snipers and machine guns.

After the battle, soldiers of the 26th US Division, who helped in the delivery of the village, gave a part of their pay to rebuilt the church. The new church was rebuilt as a memorial opposite the American cemetery. When it was completed on October 1929, it was given to the village of Belleau

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